How can I make my X or Y axis a logarithmic scale in Surfer?

There is not a direct way to change the X or Y axis scaling to be logarithmic in Surfer. If you would like this, please add your vote to the request on our suggestion file by emailing


However, you can work around this by taking the log of the data prior to creating the map. To have the X or Y axis in logarithmic scale, take the log of the original data in the Surfer worksheet and regrid the data.

  1. Click File | Open and open the data file in the Surfer worksheet.
  2. Click Data | Data | Transform.
  3. If the data you want to be log is in column A, and column D is the empty column where you want to store the log values, enter the Transform equationD = log10(A). This will calculate the log base 10 of the values in column A and enter them into column D.
  4. Click File | Save and File | Close to save and close the data file.
  5. Click Grids | New Grid | Grid Data, select the data file and click Open.
  6. Choose your gridding parameters, selecting column D as the X or Y data column instead of column A.
  7. Click OK and the new grid is created. Create a map of this data. The axes will still be linearly scaled, but the values will be the log values.


Updated September 11, 2017

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