Will Surfer display text characters in my language?

Yes, Surfer 11 and above support international fonts and characters (i.e. Unicode fonts).


Surfer 10 and below do not support Unicode fonts or characters. These versions only support the first 256 characters in a true type font set (*.TTF). If you are using an older version of Surfer, some things you can do:

  1. Upgrade to the current version of Surfer.
  2. Look on the internet for a true type font in your language (*.TTF).
  3. Write the characters in another program that does support Unicode font characters (like Word), the copy them, and in Surfer go to Home | Clipboard| Paste | Paste Special and paste them as a picture.
  4. Create your own font set. For more instructions on creating and using custom fonts, please see our Knowledge Base article: Is it possible to create and use custom symbols?


Updated September 11, 2017

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