My layer disappears after changing the coordinate system for the map in Surfer! Now what can I do?

If map layers disappear or are in the wrong location after changing the coordinate system for the map in Surfer, most likely that particular map layer that disappeared did not have a coordinate system set for it, or it was set incorrectly.

You can follow these steps to set the coordinate system for the layer:

  1. In the Contents window, click on the map layer that has disappeared.
  2. In the Properties window, click on the Coordinate System tab.
  3. Verify that a coordinate system is specified, and it is specified correctly. If it is set to Unreferenced local system or is set to the wrong coordinate system, click the Set button. Select the appropriate coordinate system for that layer. This is the original coordinate system for the data, grid or base map file used to create the layer.
  4. Click OK. The map should now appear correctly.

If it still is not working as you expect, please zip and email the file to


Updated October 3, 2017

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