How can I create a lattice in Voxler from an XYZC data file and save the lattice data?

Creating a lattice from an XYZC data file is what the Gridder module does. You can save this lattice information directly from the Gridder module.


For example:
  1. Click File | Import and import your XYZC data file (ie. DAT, XLS, XLSX, etc).
  2. Attach a Gridder module to the data source module by right clicking over the data source module in the Network Manager and clicking Computational | Gridder.
  3. Change any of the properties of the Gridder module in the Property Manager and click Begin Gridding.
  4. Once the gridding process is complete, your data has been converted into a 3D lattice.
  5. You can right click over the Gridder module and click Graphics Output | <module type> to visualize the data, or you can right click over the Gridder module and click Save Data to save the lattice data to a file (ie. XLSX).


Updated August 15, 2018

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