How can I create a lattice in Voxler from an XYZC data file and save the lattice data?

Creating a lattice from an XYZC data file is what the Gridder module does. You can save this lattice information directly from the Gridder module.


For example:
  1. Click File | Import (File | Load Data in Voxler 2) and import your XYZC data file (ie. DAT, XLS, XLSX, etc).
  2. Attach a Gridder module to the data source module by right clicking over the data source module in the Network Manager and clicking Computational | Gridder.
  3. Change any of the properties of the Gridder module in the Property Manager and click Begin Gridding.
  4. Once the gridding process is complete, your data has been converted into a 3D lattice.
  5. You can right click over the Gridder module and click Graphics Output to visualize the data, or you can right click over the Gridder module and click Save Data to save the lattice data to a file (ie. XLSX in Voxler 3 and DAT in Voxler 1/ Voxler 2).


Updated October 10, 2016

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