How can I load a Surfer GRD and visualize it without the blanked nodes in Voxler 2 and 3?

To load and visualize a Surfer GRD file, load the GRD file and display it as a HeightField. To turn off the display of the blanked nodes, edit the ColorMap so the opacity of the data minimum is set to 0:
  1. Click File | Import (File | Load Data in Voxler 2).
  2. In the Import dialog, select the GRD file and click Open.
  3. In the Network Manager, right click over the data module and go to Graphics Output | HeightField to attach a HeightField module.The blanked nodes will be shown as a flat plane at the Z minimum of the GRD data (below in purple).
  4. In the Propertiy Manager, click on the ellipsis (...) button to the right of the Colormap option.
  5. In the Colormap Editor, double click at the left end of the top spectrum to add a new node close to the one at the left end.
  6. Select the node at the left end and change the Opacity (upper right) to 0.
  7. Click Close and the flat area of the blanked nodes will be removed.

Updated October 10, 2016

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