I imported some UTM data, attached a Gridder module to it, and created some Contours in Voxler. When it rotates slowly the image is "jumpy" or "jittery", why?

When rotating a project in Voxler is jumpy or jittery, this is due to the large magnitude of the coordinates. The coordinates for the input points are extremely large in magnitude with UTM systems. The underlying graphics system (Inventor) uses single precision values, so large numbers quantize into discrete values. In other words, so many bits are required to represent the large magnitude, that there aren’t enough bits to maintain the precision. 

To work around the problem, transform the data to a smaller magnitude using Voxler's Worksheet window (how to edit data in Voxler's worksheet) or outside Voxler prior to loading the data.


Updated September 29, 2016

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