Why does Voxler seem to be running slowly?

There are few things that may cause Voxler to run slowly:
  • Make sure your OpenGL driver is hardware accelerated. The drivers that come from Microsoft are usually NOT accelerated, while the drivers that come from the hardware manufacturer usually ARE accelerated.
  • Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled in Tools | Options | General | Enable Hardware Acceleration. Note that you must restart Voxler for this setting to take effect.
  • Some of the higher quality transparency modes can greatly slow down rendering. Make sure View | Transparency Type is set to Blend for best performance.
  • If there is a lot of hard disk activity and everything seems extremely slow, then your computer may have run out of memory and is trying to page to disk. Voxler requires all network data and graphics output to reside in memory. Several steps can be taken to reduce the amount of required memory:
    1. Use the Subset module to extract a portion of large lattices, save the extracted data to disk, and use the saved file in future runs.
    2. Use the ChangeType module to change the data type of large datasets to one that requires fewer bytes.
    3. Avoid graphics that require large amounts of memory like VolRender modules.


Updated August 20, 2018

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