How can I automatically add a scale bar to my Strater log?

Scale bars and titles are automatically created in the header pane for logs that have variables (line/symbol, crossplot, bar, tadpole, or function logs) and if you have the Auto Create Scale Bar option checked under File | Options | General.


If the scale bar was deleted and you want to recreate it, or you want to create a second scale bar that is linked to a specific log, you can do so by selecting the log and clicking the Log | Add | Scale Bar command and clicking on the page where you want the scale bar to be placed.


If you would like to manually create an additional scale bar, click Log | Add | Scale Bar and then click on the page where you want the scale bar to be placed. You can set the scale bar properties manually in the Property Manager to display any range you wish. Alternatively, you can link it to an existing line/symbol, crossplot, bar, tadpole or function log by:

  1. Selecting the scale bar.
  2. Setting the Scale type in the Property Manager to Log Item.
  3. Setting the Linked item to whichever log you want to link the scale bar to.


Updated: April 24, 2018

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