How can I insert page numbers in my well log design in Strater?

You can insert the page number by creating a linked text object:
  1. Click Draw | Shape | Linked Text (Draw |  Linked Text in Strater 4).
  2. Click in the header or footer pane where you want the page number to be. A linked text object appears and by default shows the borehole name.
  3. Select the linked text object (to stop drawing Linked Text objects, either click Linked Text again or click Draw | Tools | Select).
  4. In the Property Manager, on the Linked Text page, change the Linked text type from Hole ID to Current Page.


Tip: You can also use this method to create other linked text objects.  The Linked text type list contains Hole ID, Column, Column Description, Column Units, Current Page, Total Pages, and Current Page of Total Pages options.


Updated: April 2, 2018

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