Save or print Strater logs to a PDF file

Strater is a retired.
Strater is officially retired, but you can still purchase additional licenses. Strater is sold as-is and will not receive updates, fixes, or new features.
We will continue to provide limited email-only support for as long as possible. Please contact with any questions.


There are two ways to save your Strater logs to a PDF file.
  1. Export to a PDF (recommended)

    You have the option of exporting a raster PDF and a vector PDF. Raster PDFs look exactly like the plot, but the output is stored as an image within the PDF file, so it tends to generate a large file. This is very similar to exporting the project as a raster image (TIF, JPG, PNG, etc). Vector PDFs are much smaller files, appear crisper (text and lines are clearer), and can also create a single PDF file from all the pages of your log. Exporting to vector PDFs is generally the preferred method for creating PDF files from Strater.

    You can click File | Export | Graphic or File | Export | Multiple Logs to export logs to a PDF file.

  2. Print to a PDF printer driver

    A number of software programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, install a printer driver that will create a PDF file.  If you have a program like this, you can create a PDF from Strater by printing to this PDF printer driver.  PDFs created in this manner generally contain vector objects rather than bitmaps, so the file size is typically smaller than a PDF exported directly from Strater. If your log contains multiple pages, each page will be exported to a separate PDF file.

    You can click File | Print or File | Print Multiple Logs to print logs to a PDF file.

    If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat or another program that creates PDFs, you can download and install a free PDF printer driver program such as PDFCreator, CutePDF, or BullZIP PDF program.


Updated: June 28, 2016

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