How can I format specific pieces of the text in my Strater text log?

When data is imported into data tables in Strater 4 and older, any formatting in the source data file (such as bold, italics, etc) is lost. In Strater 5, the formatting is maintained. If you are using Strater 4 or older and you want text in a complex text log to be formatted, you can do so for each individual text item in the log.


Double click on the text item in the borehole view (or select the text block from "Edit Block Items" drop down menu in the Property Manager) and the Text Editor will appear for that text item. Highlight the text you want to appear bold and change the formatting.


Alternatively, you could include math text in the data table to indicate formatting. You can change typefaces, sizes, styles and colors and insert special characters or the date and time. The only math text instructions that won’t work for text logs is the \rp and \sp positioning commands.


Updated: October 6, 2016

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