How can I show certain depth ranges per page in my Strater borehole design?

To change the depth range per page, you will need to calculate the necessary Scaling depth per inch value for the borehole view properties.


For example, if your log pane is 8" tall and you want to show 0-100m on the first page, 100-200m on the second page, etc. (100m per 8"), divide 100 by 8 to get your Scaling depth per inch value (12.5).

  1. Click View | Display | View Properties (View | View Properties in Strater 3-4, View | Borehole View Properties in Strater 2).
  2. Uncheck the box next to Auto-recalculate scale (or set it to False).
  3. Change the Scaling depth per inch to be 12.5.
  4. Make sure the Starting borehole depth is what you want the logs to start with.


Updated: October 6, 2016

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