When I import data with two decimal places (x.00) into Strater 4, why aren't the 0's shown in the data tables or log labels?

In older versions of Strater (4 and below), data tables do not import extra 0's for decimal places, even if the original data files are formatted that way; they only import the number with minimal decimal places. Strater 5 does import data with formatting.


You can reformat the data in Strater 2-4.

  1. Select the data column in the data table.
  2. Click Format | Format Cells  (Format | Cell Properties in Strater 2 and 3).
  3. On the Number page in the Property Manager, choose Fixed as the Type.
  4. Set the number of Decimal Digits to 2 and click OK.


If you create a bar or post/classed post log, and you want to label the logs with more decimal places, follow these steps.


For a bar log:

  1. Select the bar log.
  2. Expand the Show Label section on the Label page of the Property Manager (in Strater 2 this is in the Bar Log tab).
  3. Change Show Label to Show Label with Fill or Show Label without Fill.
  4. In Strater 4, expand the Format section, verify Numeric Fromat Types is set to Fixed, and set the Decimal Places to 2. In Strater 3 Decimal Places is in the Show Label section. In Strater 2 Decimal Places (again in the Show Label section) is called Numeric Format.


For a post or classed post log:

  1. Select the post/classed post log.
  2. Verify the label is showing. In Strater 3 and 4, Show Label should be checked on the Label page of the Property Manager. In Strater 2, Show Label should be set to Show Label at the bottom of the Post Log (or Classed Post Log) page.
  3. Expand the Format section on the Label page.
  4. Verify Numeric Format Types is set to Fixed.
  5. Change the Decimal Places (Decimal Digits in Strater 2) to 2.


Updated: October 6, 2016

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