I create a Strater text log, but the text blocks aren't where I specified them to be in the data table

The most common reason why text blocks don't show up at the depth interval specified in the data table is because text blocks in the data table are overlapping. Text blocks cannot overlap in text logs.


For example, if your data table looks like:


Hole ID     From     To      Text Description
Test           3          7       Test Block 1
Test           4          6       Test Block 2


Then "Test Block 2" will be shown at a depth of 7 instead of where you specified it to be (between depths of 4 and 6). This is because there is already a text block from 3 to 7 for "Text Block 1". Since the "Test Block 2" cannot overlap with that one, Strater places it after it.


For this reason, it is not recommended to create a text log from a well construction data table since there are many overlapping fields in a well construction data table.


Updated: January 4, 2019

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