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KB no longer maintained - Strater is a retired product. Golden Software retired products are still supported, but no longer receive new features or updates. Please contact with any questions.
In Strater, you can save either one view with schemes (no data tables), or else all of the views, data tables and schemes, to a template file. To use a full template, open the template file, load data into each of the data tables that are created, and then activate your borehole view. To use a view-only template, open a project containing data files and load the template file. These template files make it easy to create the same views with different data.


The steps to create, save, and use full templates in Strater are:

  1. Create the template:
    1. After the designing the view or views in your project, click File | Save As, change the Save as type to Strater Template Files (*.tsf), and click Save.
  2. Open the template:
    1. When you are ready to load the template, click File | Open. Select the template file and click Open.
    2. If you haven't previously loaded data for the template, an Import Template Data dialog will appear.
    3. For each table, click the Import Data button in the Action column and follow the dialog prompts to load the appropriate data file for the table. 
    4. Click OK when you're done importing data into all of the tables.
  3. Use the template:
    1. Click on the borehole or cross section tab at the top to go to the view.
    2. Switch the view to Active Mode by clicking Log | Display | Design Mode or pressing F4 on the keyboard.
    3. For a borehole view, you may need to select the Hole ID to display by clicking View | Display | View Properties and selecting the Hole ID filter in the Property Manager.


For more on templates, see the Strater training videos:


In Strater 1, template files save the borehole view design and only the necessary data tables and fields used to create the logs in the borehole view. The Database View after the template is loaded may not be exactly the same as the file the template was saved from. Unused data fields and tables will not be present and Strater will create some of the default data tables and fields (which will be empty). We have an old newsletter article (attached) which goes over creating and using templates in Strater 1, as well as demonstration videos for Creating and Saving Log Designs and Templates in Strater 1 (Part 1 and Part 2). Additionally, we have a training video for Creating a Template in Strater 2.


Updated: February 4, 2019

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