How can I move the text down in a Strater text log a little so it doesn't appear to touch the top line?

When you create a text log from an interval table, and the Vertical Alignment is set to Top (so that it appears at the top of each interval), there isn't a way to add extra space to the top of all intervals at once, but there are a couple of work arounds:


  1. In the borehole view, double click on one of the intervals (or select the text log, choose an interval from the Block item dropdown list in the Property Manager, and click the Edit button) and the text will open up in the Text Editor dialog box. Add an extra space before the beginning of the text in the Text Editor and click OK. Repeat that for each interval.


  2. In the data table, add the syntax "\dn100 " (including a space after the last zero) in front of each text field. That is a special text command that tells Strater to add an extra line 100% of the font size (a full extra line). If you want a smaller space, decrease the number ("\dn75 " or "\dn50 "). For example, in the data table, instead of:

         Massive silica cut by tm and ep veins.

    you can type:

         \dn100 Massive silica cut by tm and ep veins.

    and the text in those intervals will be spaced down from the top of the interval.


Updated: October 4, 2016

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