How do I change or remove the lines around the bars in my Strater bar log?

How you remove the lines in a bar log depends on if you use a range scheme or not. If you select your bar log and Use range scheme is checked on the Log page of the Property Manager, you are using a range scheme. If this option is unchecked, you are not using a range scheme.


If you are not using a range scheme, then you control the bar log line style and weight in the Property Manager.

  1. Select the bar log.
  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Line tab.
  3. In the Log section, change the Style from Solid to Invisible (the first option in the drop down menu).


If you are using a range scheme for the bar log, then the line properties will be controlled by the scheme.

  1. Click Home | Display | Scheme Editor.
  2. Click the plus sign next to the Range folder to expand it, and then expand the scheme for the bar log in the same way.
  3. Select a scheme item and the properties for that item will be displayed on the right.
  4. In the Line Properties section change the Style from Solid to Invisible.
  5. Repeat for all items in the scheme.
  6. Click OK to apply the changes and close the Scheme Editor.


If the bars are so small that they only display the line color, another option is to change the scale of the view so that the bars appear larger. To do this:

  1. Click View | Display | View Properties.
  2. In the Property Manager, uncheck the box next to Auto-recalculate scale.
  3. Decrease the Scaling depth per inch (or centimeter) so you can see the bars more clearly.


Note that if you have many null values in your data, you may also want to set the NULL data value for the project so that Strater ignores those values in the data table. This will help with creating range schemes and help Strater determine more appropriate depth settings. See the knowledge base article "How do I set a NULL value in Strater?" for instructions on how to do this.


Updated August 20, 2018

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