I edit my text in Strater's Text Editor, and the Text preview in the Property Manager shows extra characters. What are these?

The extra characters are the math text instructions to indicate special formatting of the text.


Math text instructions can appear in the Text string in the Property Manager to indicate a change in text properties, such as an increase in font size or making the text bold.


There are two places to edit text properties in Strater:

  • The Property Manager.
    This will apply the changes to all the text in the text string. When you use the Property Manager to modify the properties of all the text, the changes will be immediately applied with no special formatting needed in the text string. An example of this is shown by the red text color in the screen shot above.
  • The Text Editor.
    Open the Text Editor by double clicking on the text, or clicking the bold button in the Property Manager. When you use the Text Editor to modify the properties of the text, the special formatting for those characters or words are displayed in the text string in the Property Manager as math text instructions.


For example:

  1. Click Draw | Text. Click on the page.
  2. Enter This is my lithologic description in the Text Editor and click OK. Press ESC to edit drawing mode.
  3. In the Property Manager you see This is my lithologic description in the Text string.
  4. Change the Foreground color to Red and the change applies to the entire text string.
  5. Click the bold button to reopen the Text Editor.
  6. Highlight lithologic description and increase the font size to 14 points, click the bold button to bold it, and click OK.
  7. Now in the Property Manager you see “This is my \fs140 \b lithologic description”in the Text string.


The \fs140 tells Strater to take the current font size and enlarge it 140%. That is because the Property Manager says it is 10 point, but we specified 14 points in the Text Editor, therefore it is increased 140%. The \b tells Strater to bold the font.


Updated: October 6, 2016

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