When I change my Strater view to True Vertical Depth, the depth scales changed, but the logs did not. Why?

The Depth method for the view determines how all of the logs except the depth logs show up relative to the depth logs. A depth log showing measured depth will always match the other logs since the depths you type into the tables is measured depth. So in the example below, the value 0.2759797 will always show up at a measured depth of 1, regardless of the Depth method.


That being said, we can consider the measured depth log as linked to the other logs. Changing the Depth method of the view to True vertical depth changes the display of the logs to show true vertical depth instead of measured depth, so both depth logs will show the same thing.


If the Depth method of the view is Measured depth, the logs display measured depth, so the depth log showing true vertical depth will no longer match the depth log showing measured depth.


For each log, the deviation survey information can be included in the collars table to apply to the entire well, or it can be included in a depth or interval table if it changes throughout the log. As such, you can set the Hole inclination column and Hole azimuth column for each log individually. So if you have two tables for two different logs, you can set these columns to the appropriate columns in the table used to create the log. Once you load in azimuth and inclination data, you can choose to display the view using either Measured depth or True vertical depth. This will change the display for all logs that have inclination data except depth logs.


When you change the Depth method in the view properties to True vertical depth, to calculate the individual log depths:

  • Strater will first look to see if inclination data is available from the depth/interval table (via the Hole inclination column option in the log properties). Each log will be updated independently from each other using the information in their depth/interval tables.
  • If the Hole inclination column for the log is set to <Unspecified>, then Strater will look for the single inclination value from the collars table.
  • If there is no inclination data in the depth/interval tables, and no inclination data in the collars table, then an inclination value of 0 is used and you will see no difference for the log when changing the Depth method.


The exception is depth logs. For all the log types except depth logs, you can specify the Hole inclination column and Hole azimuth column in the log properties and then choose which to depth method to display in the borehole view properties. For depth logs though, you can individually choose to have it display measured depth or true vertical depth. That way, you can have depth logs that show both depth methods in your borehole view.


Updated: July 17, 2018

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