In my Strater 3 cross section, I click on a layer to edit its fill color, but it doesn't change. Why?

In Strater 3, if you select an individual layer, you can click the Fill or Line tabs in the Property Manager to specify individual fill or line properties for that layer. If changing the layer fill or line properties in the Property Manager does not update the cross section with the new layer properties, then this is because the cross section is using a scheme for the layer properties. Strater 4 has these properties grayed-out if the cross section uses a scheme.
  1. Click the Layers object in the Object Manager.
  2. In the Property Manager, click the Layers tab.
  3. If Use Scheme For Line/Fill is checked, then the line and fill properties for the layers are coming from the scheme and not from the Property Manager. To use the line and fill properties from the Line and Fill tabs in the Property Manager, uncheck Use Keyword Scheme For Line/Fill
  4. If you want to continue to use the scheme, but edit the scheme properties, click Draw | Scheme Editor. Open the keyword scheme used by the layers, edit the properties for the scheme items, and click OK.


Strater 5 has these properties grayed-out for the Layers object, but allows you to set them for individual layers. Doing so overwrites the scheme properties for the specific layer.


Updated October 5, 2016

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