Change a Strater view from measured depth (MD) to true vertical depth (TVD)

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Strater is officially retired, but you can still purchase additional licenses. Strater is sold as-is and will not receive updates, fixes, or new features.
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To change your borehole or cross section view from measured depth (MD) to true vertical depth (TVD), follow these steps:
  1. Load inclination and azimuth data for your boreholes. You can do this either by entering the data in a collars table, loading a deviation survey into a survey table, or entering azimuth and inclination data into your the table that was used to create your borehole log or cross section logs.
  2. Once inclination and azimuth data are loaded for your boreholes, select each log (or the Logs object for a cross section) and set the in the Hole inclination column and Hole azimuth column in the Property Manager.
  3. Click View | Display | View Properties.
  4. In the Property Manager you can toggle the Depth method between Measured depth and True vertical depth. When you have the Depth method set to True vertical depth, you also have the option to choose which calculation method to use for the MD to TVD conversion. The default TVD calculation method is Minimum Curvature.


For a step-by-step example of the process, open the help by clicking Home | Help | Contents within Strater. Click the Contents tab on the left and expand the Strater 5 and Log Items books or click here. Click on the True Vertical Depth topic. The bottom of this page gives an in-depth example of the process.


Updated June 11, 2018

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