I exported my Strater cross section to Voxler and it looks like a thin pencil line. Why?

To export a cross section to Voxler, the XYZ data all need to be in the same units, since Voxler is a 1:1:1 visualizer. If the units are not all the same and the range of values for your x and y is much smaller than the range of values for your z, you can get a result like this. Such as for lat/long x,y values with depth in feet or meters, where there is no unit information for the map or the collars table.

If the units are not the same, Strater will attempt to automatically convert X and Y units to match Z units. X and Y units are determined based on the map's target coordinate system. Z units are determined based on the cross section's depth units. If no information about the map units exists, and no column unit information is available for the collars table, no automatic conversion is done. So a quick fix is to set the units in one of these two places so your Voxler export is appropriately scaled.


Updated: June 29, 2018

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