Can I group or classify different structure classes in my Strater tadpole log and display them with different colors?

Yes, you can classify your tadpole symbols by including a “Type” or “Keyword” column in the data table:
  1. If you don't yet have a column that you wish to color your symbols with, click to the depth log containing your tadpole log information and add such a column (such as structure type like "fault", "fracture", and "joint").
  2. Right click on this column and click Create Scheme.
  3. The Table Name and Column Name should be automatically filled in, and the Scheme Type should be set to Keyword. Give your scheme a Scheme Name and click OK.
  4. Click to the view window where your tadpole log is located.
  5. Select the tadpole log.
  6. On the Log page in the Property Manager, check the box next to Use keyword scheme and then set the Keyword scheme to the scheme you just created.
  7. To edit the symbol properties in the scheme, click Home | Display | Scheme Editor.
  8. Under the Keyword section, expand the keyword scheme. There is a scheme item for each keyword in the data table column you created the scheme from.
  9. Select each item and change the properties for those items on the right side of the dialog.
  10. Click OK when finished editing to apply the changes to the log.


Updated: June 29, 2018

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