How can I change the depth units for my Strater borehole view?

Q: Something is strange with the unit on the depth scale... My "depths" table column has values in meters - but I don't know where that is defined. In the borehole view, when I set the Depth units to meters in the Property Manager, my depths display ~3 times larger than expected.


A: There are actually two places that where you set the depth units: for the view and for the depth log. If the view is set to meters and the depth log is set to display feet, Strater multiplies the depth values by 3.28 before displaying them on the depth log, since having these two units not match tells Strater to convert the values. So if your depths are in meters and you want to display the depths on the depth log in meters, in addition to setting the Depth units for your view, you'll need to select the depth log and change the Depth units on the Log page in the Property Manager to Meters.


Updated April 11, 2018

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