What's the difference between fill styles and schemes in Strater?

Fill styles are patterns with color and opacity settings that are used to fill a closed object such as a drawn polygon or a zone bar interval. These can be made up of many layers, and can be saved to a GSSTYLE file. A simple example would be a solid red fill with 50% opacity.


Schemes are a collection of fill styles, text, line, and symbol properties that apply to a log when the keyword in the table matches the keyword for a set of these properties. A scheme can be saved to an SCH file. A simple example would be scheme with a Sandstone scheme item and a Limestone scheme item. The scheme item for Sandstone may have a fill style of solid red with 50% opacity, but it also has text and line properties. Limestone would have a different set of fill, line, and text properties. For intervals where the keyword column in the table says Limestone, the limestone properties are applied to the log, and the same applies to Sandstone.


Updated April 11, 2018

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