Can you convert my old Grapher files?

The current version of Grapher opens graphs created in previous Grapher versions (Grapher 2 and all newer versions). Grapher DOS and Grapher for Windows version 1 files are no longer supported. To convert these old files so you can open them in newer versions of Grapher, email us the GRF files and any data files they use, and we will send you back the converted files. If the files are too large to email, please zip them and upload them here.


Alternatively, if you have an older version of Grapher between Grapher 3 and Grapher 8, you can open the old files in that version and resave them. If you have many files, you can use this script instead of manually opening and resaving the files:

  1. Download the attached convert old GRF to G7.BAS script file.
  2. Open the script in Scripter.
  3. Change the line: Directory = "D:\temp\Grapher\" to the desired directory that contains your GRF files.
  4. Click the Script | Run command. New GRF files are created in the same directory with _G7 appended to the file names. These files can be opened in the current version of Grapher.


Updated February 13, 2019

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