How can I convert the column headings in a Grapher worksheet from letters to numbers?

There is not a way to convert the alphabetic column headings in the worksheet to numeric headings. To add your vote to this request on our suggestion file, please email


As a workaround, you can insert a row of numbers at the top of the worksheet. To do this:


  1. Click the File | Open command, select the worksheet and click Open.
  2. Highlight row 1 and click the Data Tools | Edit | Insert command. A blank row is added to the top of the worksheet.
  3. Click the Data Tools  | Data | Transform command.
    Grapher ribbon with buttons highlighted
  4. Click on the existing option next to Transform with and select Row variables (e.g., _3=_1 + _2).
  5. In the Transform equation, type: _1=row()
  6. Enter the letters for the First col and Last col:

Grapher Transform dialog
The dialog should look similar to this before clicking OK.

  1. Click OK and row 1 is populated with the consecutive numbers:

Grapher worksheet showing data after transformThis worksheet shows the column number in row 1.


Updated September 21, 2017

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