Save Graphs So Older Grapher Versions Can Open Them

Grapher’s file format supports older versions of Grapher opening files created in newer versions. For instance, Grapher 16 can open a GRF saved in Grapher 17. To ensure compatibility between files created in different versions, save your Grapher file as a GPJ or GRF.

You can also use these formats to ensure files created in newer Grapher versions can also be opened in older ones.
To save a file to an older version:
  1. Click the File | Save As command.
  2. Next to the Save as type, click the existing option and select the desired format from the list. 

Select the desired format from the
 Save as type list.

  1.  After clicking Save, the file is saved in the format selected.

Please note: New features may not translate to older versions. Some items may display differently when saved to an earlier Grapher version.


Updated May 2023

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