How can I have my Grapher axis display date, time, or date and time values?

Grapher can create a graph with data based on dates, times, or date and time values.


When data are stored in the worksheet in date/time format, Grapher will automatically recognize the format and create the axis displaying the dates in most cases. Different formats can be used. So, in this example the dates ae stored in an Excel file in month/day/year format. But, the dates could also be stored in day/month/year, day/year/month, or any other format:

The dates in the left column are in MM/dd/yy hh:mm AM/PM format.
Grapher will automatically display dates for the axis when creating the graph.


To create a graph from this data, click the Graphs | Create | Basic | Line Plot command. Select the data file and click Open. The X axis will automatically be in date/time format.

The X axis is automatically displayed in date/time format.


Updated September 29, 2016

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