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    Is the RGB color implementation applicable to bar charts? It would appear not. I can use "Blue" in the color column, but get no response when I try "RGB(0,255,0)".

    Can you add to suggestion box?

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    Katie Yoder

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The option to use RGB and RGBA values in a color column was added in Grapher 15. I have updated this article to make that more clear. Regarding your question about bar charts, this feature is supported for all graphs types that support the use of a color column. 

    Check out the article How Can I Participate in Grapher's Preview Track? to learn how to gain access to this new feature.



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    Boom! Thanks Katie. In the mean time, I figured out how to quickly generate *.clr  files. Very easy. In case anyone else needs an interim solution, making your own *.clr may be the ticket.

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