Change the Symbol Shape and Color for a Class Plot in Grapher

You can specify several class properties in Grapher including the symbol, size, and color.
To edit the symbols in a class plot:
  1. Create the class plot if it does not already exist.
      1. Use the Home | New Graph | Line/Scatter | Class Scatter Plot command.
      2. Select the worksheet and click Open.
  2. Click on the class scatter plot in the Object Manager.
  3. In the Property Manager, click on the Plot tab.
  4. Click the Edit button in the Classes field. The Edit Classes dialog appears.
  5. To change each class to a different symbol color, style, or size:
    1. Select the class and click the Properties button.
      Edit classes dialog in Grapher
    2. In the Properties dialog, change the Symbol, Size, or any of the options in the Fill or Line sections.
    3. Click OK when the symbol has the correct shape, color, and size.
      Setting symbols in Grapher.png
    4. Repeat these steps for each additional class.
  6. To change the size of all symbols in all of the classes:
    1. Click the Symbol sizes button.
    2. For incremental sizes, enter the desired Start at and Increment values and click OK.
      Setting Incerment size for symbols in Grapher
    3. For fixed sizes, uncheck Use incremental size and enter the desired Default size and click OK.
      Setting fixed size for symbols in Grapher
  7. To change the symbol shape or color for all of the symbols in all of the classes:
    1. Click the Classes symbol button.
    2. Change the Symbol and any of the properties in the Fill or Line sections. Click OK and all of the symbols for all of the classes will update.
  8. To apply a color gradient to all of the class symbols:
    1. Change the to line and fill dropdown list selection to to line or to fill, or leave it set to to line and fill, depending on what you want the gradient to apply to.
    2. Click the Apply Gradient button.
    3. In the Gradient dialog, select your desired colormap and click OK.
    4. After applying the gradient, changes to just one class can be made without re-entering the Gradient dialog. To change just one class color, double click on the symbol and edit the colors as desired.
  9. When all classes are showing the correct symbol, color, and size, click OK. Each class will show the proper symbol.

Class Scatter plot with gradient colors

Updated May 2023

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