How do I break apart a legend in Grapher?

Grapher allows many parts of the legend to be edited, including the number of symbols, line length, text for each legend entry, and location of the legend text. But, sometimes, you may still want more control over the legend. In this case, you can break the legend apart into individual drawing pieces. Each object can then be edited separately.


To break the legend apart:

  1. Click on the Legend 1 in the Object Manager to select it.
  2. Click the Graph Tools | Plot Tools| Detach Legend command.

legend selected in Grapher Object Manager

The legend is broken apart into multiple new objects,including text, polylines, and polygons. Depending on what the legend looked like before, it may look like this now:

Once detached, the legend becomes several
new objects, including text, polylines, and polygons.


Updated October 1, 2018

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