Can I label plots on my Grapher graph?

To add a label next your plot, you must first add a legend to your graph and then move the legend labels to the desired location.
  1. Click on the Graph or any plot in the graph to select it.
  2. Click the Graphs Tools | Add to Graph | Legend command (legend icon). A default legend displaying all plots is added to the graph.

ground water concentration graph with a default legend
The default legend is added to the graph,
displaying all of the plots in the graph in the order the plots are drawn.

  1. Click on the Legend 1 in the Object Manager to select it.
  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Title tab.
  3. Expand the Title Properties section.
  4. Change the Size to 0.
  5. Click the Legend tab.
  6. Change the value next to Line length to 0.000.
  7. Change the value next to the Number of symbols to 0.
  8. Click on the Line tab.
  9. Change the Style to Invisible.
  10. Click the Graph Tools | Plot Tools | Move Labels command ().
  11. With the first legend entry selected, click and drag the text to the desired location on the plot. This can be inside the existing legend or anywhere else on the graph.
  12. Click on the next entry text in the legend and drag it to the desired location. Repeat for all text that should be moved.
  13. Press ESC on the keyboard to end label movement mode. All of the labels are now next to the appropriate plots.

ground water concentration graph with a plots labeled The legend labels are now placed next to each line in the graph.

Updated October 8, 2018


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