What is the quality of the image inserted into Word from Grapher?

When copying from Grapher to another program, the default is to use the embedded Grapher format for the pasting format. This allows you to double-click on the graph in the other program and make edits in Grapher. Many programs convert the pasted graph into a metafile (WMF or EMF).

In older Grapher versions, the image was copy and pasted using the screen resolution for the pasted resolution. This is normally 96 DPI. In versions 12 and newer, the resolution is increased to the default printer resolution for the pasted resolution. This is normally much higher and depends on the default printer specification. Typically, this is 300 DPI or higher.


If the copy/pasted Grapher image still looks too coarse, you can try changing the default printer printer quality. Alternatively, use the Paste Special option and paste as a bitmap or export the graph from Grapher and insert it into your other program.


Updated September 26, 2018

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