How can I create a bar chart in Grapher with stacked bars?

Grapher allows multiple variable bar charts to be stacked, adjacent, or a combination of stacked and adjacent. To create a multi-variable graph that shows all bar charts for each category as stacked, you can use these steps:


  1. Click the Home | New Graph | Bar | Vertical Bar Chart command (or add to an existing graph click Home | Add to Graph | Vertical Bar Chart).
  2. Select the data file and click Open. As an example, I am using the Tutorial.dat file located in Grapher's Samples directory. The first bar chart is created.
  3. In the Object Manager, click on the Bar Chart 1 to select it.
  4. In the Property Manager, click on the Plot tab.
  5. Click the Create button next to New plot to add each additional bar chart. Note that all of the bars will be stacked in a single bar initially.
  6. If necessary, change the other bar chart properties for each bar chart.
  7. Click on the Bar Groups tab.
  8. Expand the Bar Charts section, and assign the correct Group to Bar Chart 1 and Bar Chart 2 

Once all the bars are in the group, your graph will look something like:

Make sure all bars are in the same
group in Bar Groups to stack them.


Updated December 11, 2017

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