Assign a Fill to a Specific Value in Grapher

Grapher offers a number of plot fill options. You can fill the area above or below a plot, or fill the space between two plots. A cutoff value for your plot can also be defined, which you can use to highlight data above or below a certain threshold.
  1. Create a line plot by clicking the Home | New Graph | Line/Scatter | Line Plot command.
  2. Select your data file and click Open.

Line plot in Grapher
Line plot created in Grapher, displaying no fill.

  1. Click on the plot in the Object Manager to select it.
  2. In the Property Manager, click the Fill tab.
  3. Change the Pattern from None to Solid or the desired pattern.
  4. Set the Foreground color as desired.
  5. Change the Direction, if desired.
  6. Change the Cutoff value by highlighting the existing value and typing a new value.

  7. The graph updates to show the fill in only the portion of the plot that fits the Direction and Cutoff.


Line plot with fill in Grapher

Line plot created in Grapher showing a fill to the cutoff value of -50.


Updated May 2023

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