Layer Your Plots in Grapher

You can visualize your data simultaneously by overlaying plots in Grapher. These layered graphs will share the same X and Y axes, and will be visible among each other.


1. Create the First Plot and Axes

  1. Create your first plot using any of the Home | New Graph commands.
  2. In the Open Worksheet dialog, select the data file and click Open
  3. Make any changes to the Bar Chart 1, Y Axis 1, or X Axis 1, as desired. 

Vertical bar chart in Grapher
The original graph contains 1 X axis, 1 Y axis, and 1 plot.


2. Add a New Plot Layer

  1. Click anywhere on the graph to select it.
  2. Click the Home| Add to Graph | Plot command ().
  3. In the Select Plot Type dialog, click your desired plot type and then click OK. For this example, we've selected a Line Plot.
  4. In the Choose Axes dialog, be sure to select X Axis 1 and Y Axis 1 and click OK.
  5. Select the data file and click Open. The new plot is added to the original X axis and Y axis.

Vertical bar chart overlaid with a line plot in Grapher
A graph is created with 1 Y axis and 1 X axis and multiple plots. Both the line plot and bar chart use the same axes.


If you would like to create a graph where the X axis is shared and Y axes are separate, see the article How can I create a stacked graph with multiple Y axes in Grapher?



Updated May 2023

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