I forced Surfer to close in the middle of a save, and now my SRF is missing. Can I recover it?

Forcing Surfer to close in the middle of a save usually corrupts the SRF file. Corrupted files usually cannot be recovered. This is best avoided, if possible.

You may want to consider clicking File | Options, checking Backup files before saving and clicking OK. Enabling that option will create a backup file (*.BAK) in case the original becomes corrupted in any way.

If the SRF file is missing after forcing Surfer to close in the middle of a save, one user reports success searching his hard drive for the file name with a TMP extension. Then rename the file with an SRF extension. Open it in Surfer and click File | Save As to resave it with a different name. 


See also:

Error when opening SRF file: Attempted to access .srf past its end. Module surfer, file\Error.cpp, Line 664


Updated January 24, 2017

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