In Surfer, I export a single map to a vector format (i.e. DXF), but Map is not there as a scaling source, why?

If you export a single map to a vector file format from Surfer, and the Scaling page in the Export Options dialog does not list Map as an available Scaling source, then the map is most likely rotated (A rotated map cannot be exported in map units) or you are using an older version of Surfer (this option was introduced in Surfer 12).

If you are using Surfer 12 or higher, click Cancel in the Export Options and follow these steps:

  1. Select Map in the Contents window.
  2. Click Home | Selection | Transform.
  3. Set Rotation to 0 and click OK.
  4. Now click File | Export and export to the vector file format.
  5. In the Export Options dialog, the Map is selected by default as the Scaling source.


If that does not help, please zip and email the SRF file to


Updated September 18, 2017

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