Surfer error when opening or importing files: "Unable to load ioXXX"

The error message:

Unable to load 'ioXXX'.
The specified module could not be found.
Module gsio, File IoManager.cpp, Line 317 

where XXX can be BMP, ADF, ECW, or many others, indicates the DLL file in the error is not found in the installation directory. You may or may not see the second line containing the module information.


This error is usually caused by the antivirus software on the computer removing or quarantining that DLL soon after installation. We have seen this problem most often with the Kaspersky virus checker program, but it could happen to any virus checker if they are using outdated virus definitions. Updating the virus checking software to the latest virus definitions and then repairing the Surfer installation can resolve this issue as they no longer quarantine parts of the Surfer installation.


In addition to updating the virus checking software, other solutions include:

  1. Installing Surfer as an administrator by right clicking over the installation EXE file and clicking Run as administrator. This is in addition to logging into the computer as administrator – these are two different things.
  2. Removing the file from quarantine. If the virus checker on your computer quarantines the file, you can remove the file from the quarantine. You can verify the file does not have a virus by running it through another virus scanner. Once you are assured that the file is fine, you can un-quarantine it permanently and the program will work correctly.


Updated November 8, 2018



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