My other software (e.g. geoSCOUT) can't find Surfer. How can I fix this?

Many other programs (such as ADMS 5, AccuMap, and geoSCOUT) call Surfer to grid or contour data. In some cases, these programs do not recognize that Surfer is installed on the computer. For these programs to recognize Surfer through the automation interface, there are a few requirements:

  1. Have the full version (or a custom temporary license generated for you by Golden Software technical support) of Surfer installed. The trial version launches a licensing dialog which the other program will not know what to do with, so the script that calls Surfer will get 'stuck'.
  2. Surfer needs to have been installed on the computer that is being used to call Surfer via automation. Surfer could be installed to that local machine or to a network/remote location, as long as the installation was run from the local machine.
  3. Surfer needs to have been installed by someone with Administrator rights to the computer.
  4. Surfer and Scripter (Surfer's automation program) needs to have been opened interactively at least once with administrator privileges prior to attempting to call it via automation through another program (right click over the program EXE or desktop icon and click Run as administrator). When the program opens, the license must be validated by entering a product key or serial number or by connecting to a license server.
  5. The other software (geoSCOUT, ADMS 5, etc) may also need to be run as administrator.


GeoSCOUT specific

In geoSCOUT, you can click Help | GeoScout Configuration Tool | OK. Set your Surfer path so it maps to the location of the Surfer.exe program EXE file.

For more information about geoSCOUT, please contact geoLOGIC, the makers of geoSCOUT.


Updated November 2021

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