My SRF file keeps saying that it was created in a newer version and it won’t open. My coworker last saved it, why can't I open it?

If you get an error that the SRF file you are trying to open was created in a newer version of Surfer, then it was last saved in a more recent version of Surfer than the one in which you are trying to open it.  Previous versions of Surfer cannot open the SRF files saved in newer versions. 


Please click File | About Surfer and check what version of Surfer are you using, and what version of Surfer your coworker is using. Then: 


  1. If you are using the same version of Surfer, just different minor versions (e.g. 12.0 and 12.8), you can click File | Online | Check for Update to update to the most recent version for your Surfer. You should be able to open the SRF file now.
  2. If you are using Surfer 11 (or higher) and your coworker is using Surfer 14 (or higher), then your coworker can save the SRF file as an SRF file compatible for your version of Surfer. Your coworker can click File | Save As and save the SRF file in the Surfer format for the version you have, and then send you the SRF file.
  3. If you are using a major version older than your coworker (and older than Surfer 11), then you could either upgrade to the current version of Surfer to open the SRF file, or you can download the free Surfer trial and use it as a “viewer” to open the SRF file and see the changes made.


Updated January 31, 2017

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