I enter my filepath as a text string in Surfer, and I get "***Math Text Error***". Why?

Older versions of Surfer (version 10 and prior) read all single backslashes (\) as part of math text instruction. Therefore, if you insert a file path as text into Surfer with single back slashes ("C:\temp\test.srf"), then Surfer will think this is math text instruction. However, since it isn’t in the correct math text instruction format, you get the error. 


What you can do is either:

  1. Use two backslashes instead of one ("C:\\temp\\test.srf"). This is the easiest method. When you do this, it will still look like a single slash in the actual text in Surfer 10 since the first backslash is ignored.
  2. Use a forward slash instead of backslash ("C:/temp/test.srf")
  3. Upgrade your version of Surfer. The text editor has been greatly improved in Surfer versions 11 and higher. It does not have this problem in the current version.


Updated October 23, 2018

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