What's the difference between the Slice and Profile commands in Surfer?

The Grids | Calculate | Slice and Map Tools | Add to Map | Profile commands are both ways you can create a topographical profile of your grid. However, there are some differences.


Profiles are very quick and easy to create. You simply click on the map to draw the section line and the profile is automatically created. You can fill under the profile object easily. The profile will show lines representing each of the grids in the map. You cannot enter the exact starting/ending points of the section line.

Surfer's profile tool allows you to automatically create cross sections from grid files.

Profiles are used to easily display topographical profiles by interactively
clicking the points on the map to create the section line.


The Grid | Calculate | Slice function takes more steps than adding a profile to view the topographical profile line, and still even more steps to fill under the profile line. This function creates a data file, to be massaged and resaved as a BLN and then used to create a base map. It is more steps, but you can specify the precise vertices along your section line.

Surfer's Slice command allows you to create cross sections at specific x,y locations.

Grid | Calculate | Slice may not be as easy, but you can specify the
precise vertices for the section line.


Please see these related articles for instructions on the usage of both options to create cross sections:


Updated October 27, 2017

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