How do I create a BLN file containing multiple polylines for use in Raster Tools?

This article describes how to create a BLN file containing multiple polylines.
You may want to create a BLN file with multiple lines in it for use as a fault file, a breakline file, or to use as a base map file. To create a BLN file containing multiple polylines, you can use the following apporach.
Create Manually in a Text Editor or Worksheet Application:
You can also simply enter the vertex coordinates for the polylines in a text editor, Surfer worksheet, or Excel. This method is best if you have known X,Y values for your line segments. The BLN format is a one-line header followed by a list of XY coordinates for the object. The header is simply the number of data points in the object. Then save the file with a BLN extension.
Below is an example of the proper format for 4 seperate 2-point polylines.  The header consists of the number of points in the line.

-170.036813503, 41.2459673979
-157.773313416, 57.8892889456
-103.171471766, 40.3700031059
-81.5643300805, 51.7575389017
-106.091352739, 26.0625638538
-120.398791991, 44.1658483712
-119.230839602, 35.9901591629
-155.729396734, 19.9308138099

Created April 25, 2016
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