Can I indicate the symbols I want on my Surfer post map using the symbol index?

You can create a post map, specifying in the data file specific symbols for each point. In the data file, you will need columns for X and Y to indicate the location of the symbol, and a third column as a symbol column. The symbol column can include the symbol font and the index number of the symbol in that font, or just the symbol number, or it can be left blank.  


Note: In Surfer 13 and older, if using any symbol set other than Default Symbols (including GSI Default Symbols), then you must add 32 to the symbol number. For example, to specify symbol 74 in the GSI Oil and Gas symbol set, you would need to enter symbol number 106 in the data file (74+32=106). To indicate symbol 98 in the GSI Default Symbols symbol set, you would need to enter symbol number 130 (98+32=130). In Surfer 14 you do not need to do this addition, you can just use the symbol number.

Use a symbol column in Surfer to post specific symbols at x,y point locations.

Include the symbol set and symbol number in a column in the data file to use those specific symbols for the posted data points. 


For example:

  1. Click Home | New Map | Post | Post.
  2. Select the data file and click Open.
  3. Select the Post layer in the Contents window, and in the Properties window, click the General tab.
  4. Verify that the X coordinates and Y coordinates columns are specified correctly.
  5. Click the Symbol tab.
  6. Set the Symbol column to the column containing the symbol information. The symbols update to the correct symbol.
    1. If the data contains symbol set and symbol number information, that exact symbol is used.
    2. If the data contains only the symbol number information, then the point uses that symbol number in the default symbols set as specified in the Properties window.
    3. If no symbol set or symbol number is specified in the data, then the point uses the default symbol set and symbol number as specified in the Properties window.


Updated January 11, 2017

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