Required fields for importing a samples table into Voxler 4

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In order to import well data into Voxler using the 3 table approach, specifically a collars table, directional survey table, and sample table; the tables need to have the necessary fields. The following fields are required in separate columns for a samples table:
  • Well ID/Well Name
  • Log/Sample Reading
  • Measured Depth (or From/To in separate columns)

After importing well data into Voxler, you can set the Output type for the data source module to Wells and set the Sheet type to Samples. Once you have done so, you can set the appropriate fields for the required fields.

Voxler 4 Property Manager -Samples table


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Updated June 29, 2018

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  • There is no "Samples" Sheet Type available in Voxler 4.6.913. 

    How do you enter sample data associated with a single discrete measured depth (rather than a to/from interval)?

  • Hi Lara,

    Thank you for posting your question! There are a couple options for using measured depth instead of from/to values to display your wells in Voxler. 

    The first is to set up a collars table containing the Well ID, X, Y, Z, and Measured Depth. If your wells aren't vertical and pointing down, be sure to include azimuth and dip information. Then after importing the data, set the Sheet type to Collars and fill out the remaining information accordingly. 

    The other option is to use path data. This option requires a series of downhole points for each well. For example, you would have an X,Y,Z, measured depth for 100 or so points leading down the well trace for each well. 

    Feel free to email us at with any further questions. We would be happy to take a look at your data and help you format it to display your wells in Voxler. 

    Thank you,

    Golden Software


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