How can I display a label for the sample values along the wells from a WellRender in Voxler?

It is not currently possible to display the sample values along the well path using a WellRender module.  However, the labels can be displayed using a ScatterPlot module.  To do this the well data must be extracted from the WellData module, re-imported, and rendered using a ScatterPlot module. The ScatterPlot labels can be turned on for the component values, which are the sample values, and the sample values for the wells will be labeled. Follow the steps below to do this.
  1. In the Network Manager, click the WellData module to select it.
  2. Click Network | Computational | ExtractPoints.
  3. In the Network Manager, right-click the ExtractPoints module and choose the Save Data command from the context menu.
  4. In the Export dialog, name the file, change the Save as type to DAT, and click Save.
  5. In the Data Export Options dialog, click OK.
  6. Click File | Import, select the DAT file and click Open.
  7. Click OK in the Data Import Options dialog.
  8. In the Network Manager, click the data file to select it.
  9. In the Property Manager, make sure the Output type is set to Points.
  10. Set the X coordinates, Y coordinates, and Z coordinates as appropriate and ensure your sample column is defined in the Labels section.
  11. Click Network | Graphics Output | ScatterPlot.
  12. In the Network Manager, click the ScatterPlot module to select it.
  13. In the General tab of the Property Manager, enter 0 in the Size field.
  14. Click the Labels tab.
  15. Check the Show labels checkbox.
  16. Change the Label field to Column D (which contains the sample values).

 To add your vote for the ability to label sample values along a well path directly in the WellRender module, please email


Updated August 2, 2018

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