Can I load a CLR file for a contour map via Surfer automation?

Yes, you can load a CLR file for a contour map in Surfer via automation. All the CLR files for all the presets are saved to the installation file under the ColorScales folder. So you could use


'Load a CLR file for the contour layer 
'Applies the above fill settings to the layer
ContourLayer.ApplyFillToLevels(1, 1, 0)


See also the sample script ContourMap.bas in the \Samples\Scripts\ folder in the Surfer installation directory.


Surfer 9 and previous versions do not have the ability to load a CLR file or specify a preset colormap to a contour map in a script. Instead, you can specify the minimum and maximum colors and create a color gradation between them. For example:


'Set the colors to go from blue to red
n = Levels.Count
ColorInc = 255.0 / (n-1)
For i=1 To n
    ColorInc = 255.0 * (i-1) / (n-1)
    Levels(i).Fill.foreColor = RGB(ColorInc,0,255-ColorInc)
Next i

'Set the colors to go from blue to white
m = Levels2.Count
ColorInc2 = 255.0 / (m-1)
For j=1 To m
    ColorInc2 = 255.0 * (j-1) / (m-1)
    Levels2(j).Fill.foreColor = RGB(ColorInc2,ColorInc2,255)
Next j


See also the attached contourfill.bas script.


Updated September 27, 2017

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