Only some polygons are created with the "create polygons by locator" method in Didger.

If you use the Create Polygons by Locator command and a polygon is not created, there are a couple things you can try:


  1. Check to be sure the polylines are snapped together. Go to Tools | Project Settings and on the Tolerance Settings tab, check the check box for Show Snap Tolerance Circles and click OK. You will see the snap tolerance circles around the ends of the polyline. The ends of the adjacent polylines must both be inside both snap tolerance circles for the polylines to snap together. If you do not see the snap tolerance circles, or they are too small, you need to increase the Snap Tolerance value under Tools | Project Settings on the Tolerance Settings tab (change the tolerance value from 0 to 5000 for example). Once the ends are all within the snap tolerance circles of the adjacent polylines, then use Draw | Edit Boundaries | Snap All Polyline Segments command to snap them together.

  2. If they are snapped, try moving the polygon marker to a slightly different location. In some cases, moving the polygon marker to a slightly different location within the set of polylines allows the polygon to be created.


Updated March 20, 2014

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